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In 2015, we will develop a broader market in winter and summer camp program . With the development of Chinas household income increases, the prophase study abroad experience , almost is implemented through the w[More]
Congratulations to the Shanxi branch established in Yuncheng . Shanxi Province as a key market nationwide study abroad and travel from local customers , can provide more perfect service experience . Headquarters[More]
According to CEO of Baixiao,we will hold inside training this month. Internal training meetings will help summarize the annual work targets , for the next year , and can better improve service skills . At the en[More]
Till Year 2014, already most of Chinese media reporting us on management,researching,team building and marketing . Some from newspaper, some from IT media, we will keep on achieving and providing best service fo[More]
Every year, Baixiao International seng many groups of our employee to go abroad for traveling and team building. Those people get the reward through the whole year hard working and achievment. This year,we will [More]
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